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About Us

Our Milestone


Where it all begin

Established Multiview Enterprises Sdn Bhd


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Incorporated as investment holding company.


Contract Manufacturer

Expanded into contract manufacturing of household care products.


Private Label

Marketing of CBB’s fully owned brands (LEO).


Potential Growth

Became a subsidiary company of Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Bhd.


See a Better Future

Expanding the production line into personal care products.


Factory Expansion

Increase production capabilities


Enhance brand recognition

Expanding LEO onto online platforms Shopee & Lazada, and achieving impactful outcomes.


Revenue Surge & Market Expansion

Achieve a 22% increase in annual revenue compared to the previous year. Expand market reach by entering new geographical region, Indonesia .


HALAL-Certified & Sustainable Investment

Be recognized with honor as a manufacturer of HALAL certified household detergents & cleaning products. Invest in a waste treatment facilities to actively contribute to environmental initiatives.

Company Profile

Macro chemicals is a household and industrial cleaning products manufacturing company providing excellent one stop custom CM services for our clients, from concept to R&D, formula development, private labelled under your branding, production, until pack-out to market. Our GMP and ISO registered plant located in Senai, Johor was installed with the modern technology and production facilities to improve productivity and ensure high quality products at minimal cost and at greater speed by embracing the pivotal concepts of bulk buying ingredients, economies of scale and efficient production values. We serve from small to large quantity.

Quality Assurance

We are IS0 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 , GMP & HALAL Certified

Why Choose Us

With decades of household care manufacturing experience, we help more than 200 clients across Southeast Asia, and now we are still growing!

Experienced contract manufacturer

We have 28 years of household care manufacturing experience in developing formulas, manufacturing final products, private label and packaging customization, and ship internationally.

One Stop Solution

From your big idea to our research and development takes place, from packaging customization till warehouse logistic, we provide you hassle free one stop solution.

Reliable, safe and secure

We guarantee high-quality products by complying with GMP, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We protect our customer’s rights and all your information are secured with us.

Cost competitive

We have a cost advantage than competitors to produce in higher quantities while benefit from collaboration across our own network of subsidiaries.

Lowest MOQ negotiable

We provide flexible cooperation, from large to small runs with shorter lead time.

Value added service

We provide additional services to meet specific customer requirements such as design consultation, regulatory affairs, repackaging, shrink wrap, logistics and more.