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Smart living, bring joy to your family.

Since inception of our household care business and contract manufacturing in the mid 90s, our company has over the years achieved tremendous market growth and become a niche leader in Malaysia and Singapore. Our slogan "Smart Living-brings joy to your family" brings about spending the right price for reliable product that gives savings for better living standards which ultimately creates joy to the family.

LEOBOND Laundry Liquid Detergent 4.5KG

Bigger Size, Always More

Offers a larger volume at an affordable price, providing more loads of laundry washed per purchase.

Long Lasting Fragrance

Effectively removes stains and odors, leaving behind a fresh, long-lasting scent.

Antibacterial Formula

Eliminates germs and bacteria, perfect for households with children.

Indoor Drying Compatibility

Works effectively even when clothes are dried indoors, preventing musty odors-ideal for apartments and indoor living.

Products Range

Our household care products are manufactured and marketed under our house brand name "LEO". We also have other series of specialized brands such as "LEO GREEN", "LEOBOND", "WIPE", "Viz", "Nexgad" and "Hornbill". Our product line now boasts over 30 products and has proven to provide superior and reliable cleaning solution at affordable price.Because of our constant awareness to produce products with precise quality amongst target customers, our company is able to sustain our position in the domestic markets against bigger brands .Building a steady pace, Leo was able to slowly move out of the domestic market to expand to the export market. We are proud that LEO is now distributed widely in the Asia region.

Glass Cleaner

Toilet Cleaner

Scouring Cream

Multi-purpose Cleaner

Floor Cleaner

Concentrated Dishwash


Laundry Liquid Detergent

Fabric Softener

Green Laundry Liquid

Pine Disinfectant

Stain Remover

Where to buy

You can find Leo wide range of products selling at the following retail market chain.